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Dragonfly Heart Necklace - To my daughter

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Never forget that I love you forever. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.

Wearing this necklace will make your daughter smile, and you will be united even if the distance separates you. This necklace symbolizes your love and your bond. 

Make an intimate and personalized gift for your daughter, warm her heart and bring her happiness.


“There is only one deep, sincere, unalterable love, it is maternal love. "

Give your daughter a unique gift that represents your love for her. 

Details make it perfect

Quality Craftsmanship:  Made of high quality jewelry steel, durable.

A magical gift : your daughter will receive a warm, personal and touching gift, it will miraculously bloom with a smile (and maybe even tears) on her face. 
Create memories: this bracelet symbolizes the love between mother and daughter. By wearing this bracelet, you will remember precious moments.
SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: This gift can be used for any occasion regardless of size. Receiving such a gift is never a bad thing!


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