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A piece of my heart is in heaven - Infinity necklace

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A piece of my Heart is in Heaven. I will carry you in my heart and around my neck until the day I find you again.


Pay tribute to a loved one by wearing this pendant around your neck. It will remind you of its presence and will make you wait until the day you meet again.


Give your family an intimate and personal gift that will warm their hearts and give them joy.

Whether as a gift to a family member or friends, this unique handmade pendant will create a magical and enchanted moment that will forever be etched in your memory.

"You are not where you used to be, but you are everywhere I am"

Give your loved ones something truly unique that represents the love you feel for them.

Details make perfection

Superior Craftsmanship: Made with high quality jewelry grade steel - Will last a lifetime

A Magical Gift: Your loved one will receive a warm, personal and heartwarming gift - It will miraculously put a smile on their face (and maybe even tears)

 Create Memories: This pendant honors a loved one and brings back fond memories. When you wear this pendant, you will have the memory of precious moments.

Perfect for all occasions: This gift can be received for all occasions, whether small or large. It's never a bad time to receive such a gift!


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